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Michelle Conner is a person that probably doesn’t get enough thanks. She has good friends. She has good times. And her positivity abounds. She doesn’t whine or complain or ask for compliments. She encourages us to open our hearts. And she inspires us at times to be a little naughty, too. If it serves a good cause, of course.

I don’t know if people have told that her that when they’re having a bad day they go to her social media sites to read up and feel better. But it’s true. It’s absolutely true. People have confessed!

What I DO know is that it never hurts to tell people that we appreciate them.

CONNERISH is a tribute to one woman’s social media presence, a small taste of the joy, sass, and wisdom she brings to the interwebz from her sparkly googleboxmachine. (Pay close attention to etiquette and dating tips.) This book is a collection of posts from the last few years.

Gentle reader, enjoy.

Michelle, thank you for being you. This book would not be possible without you. Literally.


CONNERISH Copyright © by arootvik and arootvik. All Rights Reserved.


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